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I am so excited that you’ve come to visit and look forward to sharing my story with you.

Several years ago I was a young miserable, overweight teenager who was being bullied at school, lacking in confidence and longing for friends. I felt so bad that I begged the universe to help me change my life and the very next day signs began to appear. By following the steps I was being given, within a few short months I had completely transformed my body, my confidence and my life.

Within a year I had secured my first international modelling contract at the age of fifteen. Since then I’ve travelled the world and enjoyed a life many dream of. Along the way I got caught up with the superficial side of the fashion industry and my career started to plummet, which led to me struggling with weight and low self esteem issues once more. Hitting rock bottom for a second time I decided to retrace my original journey and transform myself again.

before-after-300x228It was during this second journey of transformation that I became aware of the true secrets I had uncovered all those years before. By following these steps I was able to lose weight easily without dieting or starving myself and recreate a life I love, not just once but twice.

What I came to understand is that most of us are viewing life and ourselves the wrong way around. We are looking at life from the outside in and when you flip it around and look at your life from the inside out, magic starts to happen. With these tools, anyone can do this.

“No Diet Needed” will take you on your own personal journey of self discovery, leading you step by step through the processes in the exact same order the universe handed them to me. Why wait any longer, when you can start right now to create a body and life you love.

I look forward to hearing your success stories.

Lots of love Brittaney